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3D Printing Day 8: Picking a Software, Wings3D

by Carlyn Maw on April 17, 2012, no comments


I’m really glad I went back and tried Wings3D. It is an OpenSource GUI based modeler that is relatively easy to use and intuitive. Documentation is lacking, but there is enough to get started and stay interested.  Wings3D also supports the most input and output formats of all the software tested. 

3D Model as a .wings file and STL file


Other People’s Videos

The documentation is pretty thin. I did find an old version of the documentation, but mostly I hunted on YouTube.

Start with this one

Wings3d basics – User Interface

Watch with the sound off

3D Modeling – Part I: Navigation in Wings 3D

3D Modeling – Part II: Deformation in Wings 3D

3D Modeling – Part III: Deformation in Wings 3D (Cont.)


Wings 3D demo: Round Hole in Rectangular Solid

Start of a Christmas Tree demo




Keyboard shortcuts I don’t want to forget

R to return camera to home view

X,Y,Z to snap camera to a dead on view of that axis

G – to select an Edge Ring once a edge is selected –  (Then C to create Edge Loop at the center of the ring)

L – The Edge Loop Select once a vert or edge is selected that is part of a loop

TAB – access numeric editing

5 – toggle from % numeric edit to direct units edit



The Stats

Version 1.4.1
Date 4/13/2012

Target Demographic
  • Ideal Object – Wide variety
  • Ideal User – Intermediate computer user

  • OpenSource – Yes
  • Free – Yes
  • Premium Version – No
  • Linux Version – Yes
  • Browser Based – No
  • Requires Internet Acces – No

Privacy, Community & Learning
  • StalkerWare – No
  • Private Files – Yes 
  • Official Community Repository – No where I found (Other than Thingiverse)
  • Instashare – No
  • Collaborative Editing: No
  • Official Tutorials – None 
  • Community Tutorials – Okay, not as many as Blender or SketchUp

  • How many tutorials/videos to build first project – looked at 6+ examples, about 10 minutes apiece. 
  • Default Bkg Color – gray, different themes available
  • Good for Computer Beginners – Maybe
  • Requires 3 Button Mouse – Yes, although there is preference 
  • Real-world units – No
  • Numeric controls – Yes
  • WYSIWYG – Yes
  • Scripting – No
  • Plugins & Extensions – If you know Erlang you can write a plugin

  • Format Types: NDO, 3DS, AI, EPS, PS, LWO, LXO, OBJ, STL, SVG
  • Direct to STL – YES
  • Format Types: NDO, 3DS, BZW, DAE, EPS, XML, LWO, LXO, OBJ, POV, RWX, STL, WRL, X
  • Adjust scale on output – Not for STL, other unknown
  • Direct to Printing Service – No


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