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movement training with actors

by Carlyn Maw on June 28, 2006, no comments

Conversation Notes with Sonia Cooke re: movement training with actors.June 27th, 2006 around 3pm ish at front desk of TischTechniques from Experimental Theater WingTechnique developed by Jerzy Growtowski (Reina is a good teacher)Rosemare Quinn is te head of the area, Nanc Allen is also someone to speak to.Also the Viewpoints method devoped by NYU teacher Mary OverlieShould also check out the Williamson TechniqueFrom classical side of things:idea of visualizing an intense action when saying a line like when saying “shut up” pictureing slapping or shushing the personLouis Scheeder: Center of Gravity as important / Alexander Technique, No upper body movement allowed)

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