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Intel Experience Store – Day 20 Recap: Countdown to the Last Day

by Carlyn Maw on January 29, 2014, no comments

So I’m punting on today’s blog post because I spent last night at CRASH Space’s Member Meeting – Officer Night and when I got home instead of working on the blog post with wistful exhaustion over a fun experience coming to an end, I wrote Arduino code. We all have our coping mechanisms. I leave you […]

Intel Experience Store – Day 19 Recap: The Showcase

by Carlyn Maw on January 26, 2014, no comments

The highlight of Friday for me was the day blending into the evening’s festivities. We held the Tech Disruptor Showcase from 6 to… later than we should have. Barb, Jen and I all got to be in the store at the same time, which was awesome. Between the Cause-And-Effect machine going up, printers being taken […]

Intel Experience Store – Day 18 Recap: More Macro Images, Harvesting Pager Motors, and an IBM ThinkCentre

by Carlyn Maw on January 26, 2014, no comments

Day 18 was way back on January 21st, the same day as Hackaday: The Gathering. It is pretty clear that if I don’t start the blog post immediately after the shift,  the post will be lame sauce. However, going to The Gathering was totally worth it. I made a subset of the top-24 images from […]

Intel Experience Store – Day 17 Recap: Some days are tidying days.

by Carlyn Maw on January 20, 2014, no comments

TL;DR The Intel Experience Store has extended it’s run from the original date of January 25th until January 30th. I could have lasted until the end of this week with the mess we’ve made, but I couldn’t make it through two. So I cleaned and organized the best I could on Friday, blowing through the […]

Intel Experience Store – Day 16 Recap: Vacuum cleaners are more clever than I thought.

by Carlyn Maw on January 15, 2014, 2 comments

TL;DR: Tuesday I was very excited to turn a Dust Buster into a blow gun. Turns out they can’t be modded that way so easily. Something about centrifugal fans. So I made a literal “suction cup” instead. While waiting for the battery to charge I started munching on a Dell laptop. Looking forward to seeing […]

Embedding a Processing Sketch in WordPress Using processing.js

by Carlyn Maw on January 14, 2014, one comment

First: Please Forgive the typos. I never want to open this post in edit mode again now that it works. Processing is a wrapper around Java and it used to be that sharing your sketches online required the creation of a Java Applet. Those have fallen out of favor and with all the amazing capabilities of […]

Intel Experience Store – Day 15 Recap: Fixing a Solder Joint

by Carlyn Maw on January 13, 2014, no comments

TL;DR The day ended up having 3 parts in parallel: fixing a solder joint to make a curling iron reusable again, taking the amplifier apart completely, and more BrushBots. Fixing One of our experience agents was about to return her curling iron because it didn’t work any more, but thought it might be more fun […]

Intel Experience Store – Day 14 Recap: Day at the Races

by Carlyn Maw on January 11, 2014, one comment

TL;DR: BrushBots/BristleBots are always awesome and Wednesday’s race-themed event was no exception. I didn’t get as many pictures and videos as I would have liked because it was too busy to keep up! Eventually the tracks had to come off the table and more to the floor to make room. We learned that there are […]

Intel Experience Store – Day 13 Recap: BrushBot Races Prep

by Carlyn Maw on January 7, 2014, no comments

TL;DR Monday was all about going full speed to make a track for the BrushBot Races happening on Wednesday at 12:30 PM to 3:30, 1421 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Intel will be donating money to MakerEd if the event is a success, so come on down and tweet about it. I have 25 kits, or bring […]

Intel Experience Store – Day 12 Recap: Hover UFO

by Carlyn Maw on January 3, 2014, no comments

TL:DR I want to lead today’s post with a big giant thank you to GrandadIsAnOldMan and his Bargain Store Project #32 Styrofoam Cup and Plate Hovercraft. In addition to stripping down more objects from the stash, both the hovercraft (success!) and jet car (fail.) were attempted on Thursday. The hover craft was updated with construction paper […]

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