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The Chipped Tea Cup Changes

by Carlyn Maw on August 5, 2009, no comments

And for today’s trick:

Apparently some folks have my as my contact web address. Actually they have it as so I had to address that kind of immediately.

A cracked tea cup from the cupboard,  a little photo shoot, a little photoshop, and a couple minutes on fixing up the DNS… voila!

A lovely one paged website. I don’t want to even think about how many of these I have!

Oh and don’t forget the little icon for the address bar…

Here is the before and after of the photoshopping just for fun. I wanted the tone to be a bit of a homage to Polaroid, now that they are so scarce! (the link is to Newsweek’s piece with some great photographers saying what Polaroid means/meant to them… although the word on the street is that there may be hope! )


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