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Dwell Magazine Article: 101 Product Design

by Carlyn Maw on August 13, 2009, no comments

We’re surrounded by legions of products, most of them unremittingly lousy. What separates the good from the bad from the ugly? Take out your well-designed pencils for Product Design 101.

Story by: James Nestor
Illustrated by: Andrew Holder
Published: September 09

product design 101 september

Bite sized article on Product Design in Dwell this month.

Pros: Including “TIMTOWTDI”  (there is more than one way to do it) and Poka-yok (making things error proof) in the words to know. They’re fun to say and really important concepts. 

Cons: NOT including Cradle to Cradle in the “Books you should read.” I know, I know, they only had 3… Although hopefully the Taschen book, Designing the 21st Century, might have some of that in it.  It would also have been nice to have an exercise or two. 

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