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Trailer for Zardoz (1974) & Steve Lampen

by Carlyn Maw on June 4, 2010, no comments

Wow. This came up at the end of Steve Lampen’s talk last night at CRASH Space. His talk started with Bhagavad-Gita and end with Zardoz as we talked about the consequences of eternal life (the classic dilema of when “can we?” turns into “should we?”)

Below are some of my notes… the video is here.

Wire and wine come from the same latin root.

Steve Lampem is
Multimedia Technology Manager
Product Line Manager – Entertainment Products
Belden (since 1902, Joe Belden)

the greatest gift is not knowing what can’t be done

1920 David Sarnoff re “wireless music box”
“Who would pay for a message sent to nobody in particular”

nobody has a perfect record of predicting the future

5MB used to weigh 5 tons

Chemist turned Lving Anthropologist – Michael Tarkanian – Rubber Tree + Morning Glory Seed (Hallucigenic) Do it on Hottest day of year (Dorothy Hoesler?)

Diesel fuel from yeast… plastic next… ?

Joe Belden’s big innovation was to buy shoelace machines to make wire

Waldo L Semon- petroleum by products EPDM
?????? then Vinyl thermal plastic – can keep changing it??? poly vinyl chloride
???? Goodrich didn’t want it b/c it couldn’t make tires.

came from refrigeration experiment…
dielectric constant of?? 2.1 : poly ethylene discovery pressure & ethylene gas
plastic veggie bag used to be top secret??? WWII airplanes radar

Has a list of things to do – make sure my list lives on! Start your own list!

Things for the furture

Room temp super conductor – infinite bandwidth no attenuation / magnetic forces pulls it apart as soon as apply signal first foot cost 1 mil, second .05

Low resistance carbon nanotubes

Kurzweil: 20,000 years of progress this century.

Subdimensional communication in lieu of cables?

Shows periodic table of elements:
Strings -> Atoms -> Hydrogen Balls i.e. STARS!
The funnything about no. 26 iron – it’s creation isendothermic, star ender so 26 -> 90?
Where in the universe enough pressure? Super Novas

Wouldn’t have copper w/o super nova. We’re at least 2nd gen

Habits are like a cable We weave as strand of it everyday and soon it cannot be broken
– Horace Mann

When you exhaust all possibilities, remember this: you haven’t
– Thomas Edison

– Machines can design themselves
Infrastructure is everything, object is just access
– Machines can fix them selves (machines can call the service department)
?????? The City and the Stars?? – Go outside the city!!! Arthur C Clarke // against the fall of night

We will not understand them.??

After 2006 the Internet passed complexity of a human brain – who will it choose to talk to?

technical vs. ethical questions

with our thoughts we make the world — buddha