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andrea bandoni & joana meroz: the archetypical vase

by Carlyn Maw on July 6, 2010, no comments

photo: susana camara leret

It’s amazing where a google search on a completely unrelated subject can lead!

“designers andrea bandoni and joana meroz created ‘the archetypical vase’ to question the idea of creating and understanding objects through textual language. the design is part of their project ‘the object without a story’ which the two brazilian designers based in the netherlands explored together. the two analysed hundred of stories accompanying design objects and picked out common words and expressions to create new stories for non-existing objects. “

0 thoughts on “andrea bandoni & joana meroz: the archetypical vase

  1. Amazing vase! Love how it literally reflects the edges of a gendered pictorial form—yet is preserved within it’s self. It feels like language.