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stupid command line tricks

by Carlyn Maw on September 7, 2010, no comments

Step 1: Copy the following into a text file or download the attached, call it hooked

#!/bin/bash# hooked created by Carlyn Maw September 2010say "I"say "cant"say "stop"say "this"say "feeling"say "deep"say "inside"say "of"say "me"

Step 2: Open a window in terminal, type the following

% cd <directory/of/hooked>% chmod 755 hooked

Step 3: Open a second Terminal window, type the following

% while [ 1 ] ; do say -v Ralph "ew guh chaka"; done

Step 4: In the first window type…

% ./hooked

Step 5: Control C in second, ew-guh-window

Welcome to a wasted afternoon…

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  1. Oh, this works for Mac OS 10.3 and later

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