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Simple Microphone Preamplifier

by Carlyn Maw on September 19, 2010, no comments

Circuit description

This is a simple microphone preamplifier circuit which you can use between your microphone and stereo amplifier. This circuit amplifier microphone suitable for use with normal home stereo amplifier line/CD/aux/tape inputs. This microphone preamplifier can take both dynamic and electret microphone inputs (preamplifier provides power foe electret microphone elements). The idea of this circuit is to keep the design as simple as possible to be easy to build. That was my goal when I needed a simple external microphone preamplifier for my mixer. The performance of the circuit is nothing superior but can be used with many not so serious projects.

Microphone amplifier circuit

For drum thwak threshold detection…


C3 and C4 removed

– C3 b/c no dynamic mic being used

– C4 because makes it easier for the Arduino to read

D1 removed

R4 – 100 Ohm

R3 – 2k


4.7k resistor is for the FET in the microphone package whihc is a condensor type mic


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