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Options for coating craft foam & styrofoam to create a smooth finish

by Carlyn Maw on August 22, 2011, no comments

Foam can be eaten away by non-water based products. ??Acrylic-Paint-Compatible supplies will work. Paint requires A LOT of coats. Some thicker options for a faster smoother??base coat??below.??

Industrial Products

Styrospray 1000 Foam Coatings??

requires hopper gun.

Foam Coat
Hard, crust-like shell for expanded polystyrene (foam). Developed as an alternative to Vanillacryl (TM). Tough and hard. Can be cut and machined.

Slower process than Styrospray.

More Products


Replica Props Forum
  • Brushed or rolled on layers of white glue or Mod Podge (it's just white glue) will be the cheap option…
  • If you want a more 'rock' like surface, a 50/50 (give or take) blend of a latex primer and plaster joint compound rolled on will get a real hard coating…

Van's Super Scenic Dope Recipie?
?? ??
??"So Van, I went to tell a friend about your VSSD and when I did the search I found 3 different recipes. I assume that means you don't really have a recipe and sort of fake it. I thought I would post this on the boards instead of in a P.M. because your VSSD sounds like a cool product we all should mess with a little. Could you choose one for us to follow as a starting point and maybe comment on what happens if you alter the ratios. Thanks!" (answer, #3 for rocks, 1 or 2 for a thiner coat)

?? ?? Below are the recipes you have posted in the past.

?? ?? Recipe #1
?? ?? "3 qts flat latex paint < any color, good place to use up all the left over paints from the scenic painters shop>
?? ?? 3 – 5 tubes acrylic latex painters caulk ( often called Alex caulk)??
?? ?? 1 cup Joint compound

?? ?? Recipe #2
?? ?? 1 gallon latex paint
?? ?? 2 tubes Latex painters caulk. < not silicon>
?? ?? 1 cup Joint compound
?? ?? 1/2 cup water putty

?? ?? Recipe #3
?? ?? "about 1 quart of latex paint ( this can be pretinted, neutral base, or a "waste" paint, as long as it's latex.
?? ?? About 4 tubes of Latex caulk. Do not use Silicone caulk. Some Latex caulk are called 'siliconized' and those are ok to use as they are still latex based.
?? ?? About 2 cups of drywall mud. Adds thickness and aids in setup time and helps leave a harder finish when dope is cured."

From the Manufacturers

The makers of Styrofoam??? ??
  • Paint with an acrylic craft paint. Solvent-based paints may damage the foam (see paint manufacturer's instructions for details). Use a brush with stiff bristles for the best coverage. Place small shapes in a zip-top plastic bag, add paint, seal the bag, and rotate shape until it's completely covered. Remove from bag with pick and let dry."
  • Use spray paint with caution; read the label carefully to determine whether or not it???s safe for STYROFOAM Brand Foam.
  • Hint: Insert a floral pick or wood skewer into your foam shape to use as a handle while painting. When done, insert the handle into a block of STYROFOAM Brand Foam while paint"
  • Cover foam shapes with plaster, wallboard compound, gesso, modeling paste or other coating materials??
  • Smooth it or stucco it, swirl it or sculpt it