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Intel Experience Store – Day 8 Recap: Part Harvesting

by Carlyn Maw on December 18, 2013, no comments

Two women, one with heat gun and the other with pliers working with a large ciruit board

Barb (right) and I salvaging parts for reuse

TL;DR Barb came by to finish working on her wonderful Christmas tree. Since she was willing to stick around we worked together to harvest parts from some of the circuit boards we have lying around.

Hard Drive Enclosure

Hard drive enclosure

The day started with a little bit of organizing and going through some of the new e-waste. There were some handy hard drive enclosures that were super dirty but have two fans and a controller board.

Barb arrives to keep making her tree

Barb arrives to keep making her tree

Before I could get super serious about VCR hacking Barb showed up to keep making her seriously awesome tree. It is 6 pieces of circuit board cut into half-profiles of an evergreen tree. She threaded them together with some of the green wire that Jen brought in.

Tunisha decorates the tree

Tunisha decorates the tree

Tunisha joined in, hot glueing colorful components onto the tree to give the impression of holiday ornaments.

The second board mid denuding

The second board mid denuding

As much as I love the tree, and I really really do, it actually made me kind of sad to clip off all these perfectly useable components.  Resistors gotta resist. Capacitors should capace? They are beautiful in their function… well… anyway… So I convinced Barb that learning how to desolder parts with a heat gun was really what she had to do with her afternoon.

Component Bonanza

Component Bonanza

It was pretty successful. (I mistakenly mixed in some of the transformers she had clipped, so you’ll see couple of those in this pile. )

We rescued a huge pile of parts.  Many of them are in a set called components with descriptions.

LED in right angle packagingTransformersTorroidsSocketsMess o' Capacitors24V relay
Big heat sink removed.5V realayPiezo buzzerBattery clipHandy interconnectsClock crystal (14.31 Mhz )
High voltage transistors that were attached to the heat sink

Components, a set on Flickr.

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