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New gig teaching at PCC or “Where’s Part 6, Carlyn?”

by Carlyn Maw on March 25, 2014, no comments

I am excited to announce a last minute gig teaching the second half of an electronics class at Pasadena City College. My first impression of the students is wonderful. In our first class together, they asked for more homework. More! Homework! I can do that.

We have a tumblr that is coming together on the fly:

I’m taking a stab at a flipped classroom with Standards Based Grading, since honestly it seems the fairest under the circumstances.  As a result I’m spending a lot of time watching youtube videos to find ones that fit the curriculum. The long term goal is to recruit future students to help make more tailored videos. Also… the one standards spreadsheet to rule them all is taking up a lot of cycles.  The link will allow anyone to comment. Google sheets does not have spell check, please forgive.

I have not forgotten about the Intel Galileo Board Part 6. I’m behind the curve now on class prep, so that blog post has slipped priority for another week.

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