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Nice, installing Ubuntu doesn’t suck any more.

by Carlyn Maw on February 25, 2011, no comments

I've stayed away from Linux other than as an OS for embedded systems for a bit. For me running on the unix-like MacOS gave me what I needed, but I've been feeling some non-existent-linux-cred-angst and since I'm going to help represent CRASH space at SCALE ( )… well… can you show up at a linux conference without Linux on your machine? That feels a tad… gauche.

I felt like I should at least have a VM up and running. And guess what. This time it didn't suck or take all day.?? Yay to me for joining the second decade of the 21st century.

Step One: Download Ubuntu and burn it to disk. (by disk I mean optical media of your choice that it fits on)

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