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And the Ardunio gets blinky from the Ubuntu VirtualBox, Too!

by Carlyn Maw on February 26, 2011, no comments

And the update comes just this fast!

The directions in "Complete Numpties Guide to Arduino on Ubuntu" work fabulously.

I found that link on the playgorund, btw:

The nicest part for virtual machine users is the separate step to see if the computer even sees the Arduino. This will remind you to set the virtual machine to own USB communication to the Arduino. In VirtualBox follow the menu path "Devices > USB Devices > The new one that wasn't there before that starts with an FTDI if it is an older Arduino"

A screen shot of my dmesg result is attached and so it the ls /dev/tty*?? which shows the Arduino all nice at the end of the list.??

I'm watching it blink now… mmm hypnotic….

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