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Eagle 30/30 No. 15 – Sextet of Switches with Hardware Debounce (Day 1 of 2)

by Carlyn Maw on June 15, 2011, no comments

I think I’m going to need two days on these boards to feel final about them.   I’d like to really explain the circuit, pick some better values for the resistors and the capacitors, import the parts into my library, check the spacings on the headers… Unfortunately I can’t get all of that done today.



The two versions I’m debating is one that can hang off the side of a bread board and one that uses female headers like a Arduino itself.  Right now it’s 4 inches long, it would be interesting to see if i could make it into a shield.  Surface mount parts would take care of that… decisions…



Tips of the day:
  • Don’t smash parts until really really done. The unsmashed parts give better information about orientation at a glance.
  • Uncross lines in the rats nest (airwires) as much as possible before auto-routing for route path ideas, then rip up the auto-route, flip parts, rinse, repeat. My final route is mostly always by hand, though.


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