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Eagle 30/30 No. 16 – Intermission: Eagle Environment Configuration with eagleassign.scr

by Carlyn Maw on June 16, 2011, no comments

I’m trying to make my Eagle time more effective so today I’ve spend some time setting up the environment. Required reading?


On a side note, the Eagle defaults on a MAC OSX or Linux machine live in a hidden file in your home directory. I think it is what the ASSIGN command changes.  I used BBEdit to look at it. If you are unsure how to see it, open a new terminal window (it usually dumps into the home directory) and type ls -a to see the directory listing of hidden files.  I’ve heard good things about the utility Houdini is command line isn’t your thing and you don’t have a text editing application that can already see them. CadSoft warns against editing the .eaglerc file directly, though, especially while Eagle is open. Fair warning.


There will be a little bit more meta tomorrow while I get ready to prep some of the boards for actual production. Whoo hoo!