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Intel Experience Pop Up – Day 6 Recap

by Carlyn Maw on December 16, 2013, one comment

TL;DR – Didn’t do more with floppy drives after all. Instead cracked open a brand spanking new (non-functional) VCR. Turns out what was wrong with it was melted belts. I replaced one with rolled up gaffer’s tape and it worked! I took a lot of video of that. 

So it is quite a bit harder to do these recaps several days after they actually happened. This was a busy week for me in other ways so I didn’t have time to do an immediate recap that was thorough.  I think going forward I’ll pick immediacy over detail because it isn’t like I remember a ton now.

  • I charged a 9V battery successfully using Jen’s solar panel and used it later that night for the Intro to Arduino class.
  • Soldered up a potentiometer to the lead wires stolen of a fan so I would have a female molex connector on it (no picture, for Arduino class)
  • Investigated the parts in the VCR. This was an older model so some of the layout/technologies look a bit different. One thing is the giant honking transformer and all the trim pots. Also there is an interesting looking encoder I want to examine more closely. I really loved the honeycomb texture of the base.
Charging the battery.Project for the night's talkThe new patientbottom of VCRInside VCRThis gear isn't moving
Front removedPower transformerEncoder?Video head looks different than the othersNeat encoder knobHoney comb pattern
Trimmer potentiometers everywhere!All the belts are melted… ewww...Bottom of the motor assemblyClose up of the melted belt of the loading motorCapstan motorCleaned up loading motor
Removed loading motor assemblyGaffer's tape replacemnt beltGaff tape replacement beltLoading motor replaced with its new belt.LA6324NCAT35C102P

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