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Intel Experience Store – Days 10 and 11 Recap: Everything Comes Apart

by Carlyn Maw on December 30, 2013, one comment

Saturday the 21st and Saturday the 28th were hopping with lots of folks joining in on the taking apart of many many objects. I tried to record as much as possible but it was such a wonderful feast of dismantlement it was tough to keep up! Oh, and there was face painting on the 21st. How could I resist?

Some of the items taken to pieces:

  • 12/21 Decade old eMachine, it’s hard drive and CD player (floppy held in reserve to turn into an Arduino based Moppy music player)
  • 12/21 Teac iPod doc (makes a good home for the eMachine’s power supply?)
  • 12/21 Broken Sony Cybershot (What to do with the lenses?)
  • 12/28 Kenwood stereo equipment (We looked inside, but no one could bring themselves to dismantle them. They were too gorgeous. Actual string pulley system to move the radio dial, wonderful. I put the lids back on at the end of the day.)
  • 12/28 A Sony 5-CD changer with the most beautiful cam system, a type of Geneva Drive. I tried to make a sculpture out of it, but sadly the platter and the CD slip when they player is turned on its side, causing function errors. Where the control panel lives and what the sculpture will be has to be rethought.
  • 12/28 3 different hard drives stripped. to. the. bone.


Day 10 First 24 Pictures

Jen's Amazing FrostyAwesome FacepaintingFacepainter's card - frontFace painter's card - backeMachine - Next VictimeMachine with front removed
eMachine from SideeMachine's Power SupplyeMachine's HarddriveInside the eMachine's hardriveMore harddriveThis CD drive has a worm gear!
Lots of 2.54MM cablingNext up, TEAC iPod doc & speakersInside the Teak… lots of glueTEAC Top plateTEAC Control Panel Bottom of top plateTEAC Top control panel denuded of circuit board
Front of TEAC top panel's circuit boardRotary encoderTEAC fron't LCD panelInside the empty TEAC iPod DocHammering out the supportseMachine's powersupply fits!

Day 11 First 24 Pictures

capcitor via laser pointer lens microscopeLaserpointer lens microscopeinductor via laserpointer lens microscopeInvestigating and old radioTaking apart a CD playerKenwood audio tuner, front.
Kenwood audio tuner, back.The dusty insides of the Kenwood tuner.Kenwood tuner transformerThey're using wirewrap!Relay on the power switchCD Changer
Front removed, took a piece of plastic to hold circuts on frontClipped off plastic to use as nutsAlso 3/32 drill bit to self-tap new holesPiece of paper to catchNew control panelScrew with bearing built in
mechanism for turning CD changer platterClose up of cd changer camWith the platter removed, differnt viewOne of 3 drives, Maxtor has the pretty arms.Western digitialMotor from Western Digital hard drive.

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