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Intel Experience Store – Day 14 Recap: Day at the Races

by Carlyn Maw on January 11, 2014, one comment

BrushBot Corral in the Sunset

BrushBot Corral in the Sunset

TL;DR: BrushBots/BristleBots are always awesome and Wednesday’s race-themed event was no exception. I didn’t get as many pictures and videos as I would have liked because it was too busy to keep up! Eventually the tracks had to come off the table and more to the floor to make room. We learned that there are really 3 kinds of BrushBots in this world: speeders, multi-terrain and dancers.

Most folks took their BrushBots home but here are a few that stayed with us past sunset, in their lovely toothbrush handle and coffee stir corral. Not all the bots made it through the tracks, and that is okay. They just gotta be who they’re going to be.

Beautiful Bots


Most Varied: Brian’s Pink B
Pink B 1:19:97 Pink B goes dragonfly And triangle style
Chariot Racer ButterFly Bot
View Neda’s tutorial on Instagram
Flying Walanda
All Terrain
Ashely's Bot wants others to know to stay out of her way Tom's Fast & Furious racer Jen's Mega BrushBot wants to help clean up

Drag Race Times

The key for racers were to make them as light as possible. Robert’s trick: cut out the middle bristles of the toothbrush head. It made his bot whip through the drag race, but it couldn’t go anywhere on the gaff-tape lined track.

Race Times
Robert with his record breaker Robert 00:03:51
Hans with his bot Hans 00:06:56
Clothes Pin based BrushBot w/ replaceable batteries Cliptastic 00:06:83
Chris J and his speedy bot. Chris J. 00:07:19
Golden Racer 0:23:52 (Drag) Gold Racer 00:23:52

Main Track

Only the few, the proud, the brave could make it through the twisty main track. The big key was to keep the bot small and simple. Embellishments just got in the way. The times reflect a 5 second penalty per touch, with one touch per crossing forgiven. Thankfully there is video of Ma Noren’s Winning Run or no one would believe!

Race Times
BrushBot testing the track Ma Noren 00:32:00
The Tornado ToothBrush first to finish the long track today Tornado Toothbrush 00:60:75
Pink B 1:19:97 Pink B 01:19:97
Lion Heart - Photo by Darren Gold Lion Heart 01:30:02

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