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Intel Experience Store – Day 18 Recap: More Macro Images, Harvesting Pager Motors, and an IBM ThinkCentre

by Carlyn Maw on January 26, 2014, no comments

Day 18 was way back on January 21st, the same day as Hackaday: The Gathering. It is pretty clear that if I don’t start the blog post immediately after the shift,  the post will be lame sauce. However, going to The Gathering was totally worth it.

I made a subset of the top-24 images from that day including the necklace I whipped up to wear to the Hackaday event. I enjoyed taking more super-macro images, this time with the lense from a cellphone camera. Also salvaged, 3, 3! different pager motors to help with my secret project.  I also marveled over the thoughtful design work that went into the IBM ThinkCenter. Now that is a computer designed to be easily repaired and upgraded. A true pleasure.

Necklace from magnet wire and hard drive motor ringClose up of graphite on a circuit boardGraphite and plastic making up the button of a telephone keypadTwo items photographed with cellphone camera lensBating filling through cell camera lensThe batting photographed through cell phone lens
Circuit Board Close Up 1Circuit Board Close Up 2Circuit Board Close Up 3Circuit Board Close Up 4Circuit Board Close Up 5Cell Phone camera lense being removed
Plam Pilot Smart Phone Buttons - Why they clickCell phone 1 pager motorCell Phone 3 Pager MotorCell Phone 2 Pager Motor#rd cellphone microphoneCell phone microphone face up and pop filter still in place
Cell phone microphoneBoth sides lifted up.Hard drive basketFloppy drive just slid outFloppy Drive. Disk In.Floppy Disk being inserted into drive from ThinkCentre

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