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Intel Experience Store – Day 19 Recap: The Showcase

by Carlyn Maw on January 26, 2014, no comments

Stitched Tech Disruptor Showcase Image

The highlight of Friday for me was the day blending into the evening’s festivities. We held the Tech Disruptor Showcase from 6 to… later than we should have. Barb, Jen and I all got to be in the store at the same time, which was awesome. Between the Cause-And-Effect machine going up, printers being taken apart and general activity on Abbot Kinney a pleasant sort of chaos filled the store.

There was taking apart and working on the secret project in the afternoon leading up to the showcase. The take-apart highlight – Two Apple Laptop DVD-ROMS, one with a tray and one without.

Stitched Tech Disruptor Showcase ImageGetting down to workPhoto by Barb NorenPhoto by Barb NorenSetting up the noise makerGetting started
Optical encoderCombination wings are just right.Paperwings look too heavyClear wings are too clearSoldered onto headersSome telephone wire is stranded
Mounting system 2 - using the springs i can find.Mounting system 1Free-hand bee body prototypeThe beesThe disk spinnerAlso a worm gear with a DC motor
The motor from the disc eject mechanismThe new drive has no tray so is more complicatedDC motor with worm gearThe motors insideEject spring+ DVD ROM Drives

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