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Take Apart Tuesday: iMac G5

by Carlyn Maw on May 17, 2016, 2 comments

Inside a iMac G5

Took apart Tod’s old wonky iMac G5 today.  Might make a little sculpture out of it. It is a nice stand. I think he was hoping it would actually leave the house, but I had a nice little space for it to slide into on my junk shelf.

On a side note my flickr gallery plug-in isn’t working and Flickr itself removed the ability to generate a wordpress gallery… so, that sucks. Why do they have to go and make things less and less usable. I swear. But here is a lame lamezors looking album below. So unpleasing. What are they thinking?

I’ve kept:

  • The speakers, fan and power supply lined up along the bottom
  • The hard drive
  • The optical drive
  • The wifi chip/antennas
  • The inverter
  • The memory chips

iMac G5 Breakdown

2 thoughts on “Take Apart Tuesday: iMac G5

  1. PS: it’s kind of cool that your website is the first thing that comes up when I google your name!

    For me you get and my lame-o university page, and my tumblr and and all kinds of other crap first. My “real” stuff doesn’t even appear on Page 1 of Search Results for my name! 😛

  2. Hey Carlyn! Very cool! Do you still have these parts? Have you done anything with them?

    I’ve finally retired an old Mac tower (aluminum case) and was just going to Goodwill it, but you’ve inspired me to take it apart instead.

    Honestly, I love the idea of just getting stuff out of the house! Probably like Tod “hoping it would actually leave the house”. But even if I’m clueless about the machine’s fundamentals on the chip or code levels, it still might be worth it just to spend some time at the component level — even if you can’t “fix your car,” it still wouldn’t hurt to pop the hood and see what’s inside!

    I’ve taken the occasional dead camera lens apart in the past – it can take a while!

    It might actually be less wasteful to donate the thing intact in the hopes that someone in some country could actually use it… IDK…

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