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Intel Galileo and Bee Mail Part 3: The Object

by Carlyn Maw on February 28, 2014, 5 comments

Most of the other parts of this series will be about the Galileo Board and the software driving the project. This installment is about the object itself, which to me is the most important. The Bees The visible parts all come from my work as a Tech Disrupter at the Intel Experience store. – The […]

Eagle 30/30 No. 19 – LM386 Audio Amplifier w/ Electret Microphone as Sensor, v0.1

by Carlyn Maw on June 20, 2011, no comments

Doh. Missed the cut off by a tinsy bit to go see Submarine directed by Richard Ayoade of “The IT Crowd” fame. Totally worth it. More on this one in the future… it’s a combo of the standard ITP version and some other circuits. To see the Physical…

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