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Eagle 30/30 No. 16 – Intermission: Eagle Environment Configuration with eagleassign.scr

by Carlyn Maw on June 16, 2011, no comments

I’m trying to make my Eagle time more effective so today I’ve spend some time setting up the environment. Required reading? Eagle FAQ, Section 6: “Where and How to Configure EAGLE?” Eagle Help Files: Configur…

Eagle 30/30 No. 12 – Voltage Divider Fine Tuner and Component Reference Designators (Part Prefixes)

by Carlyn Maw on June 12, 2011, no comments

So since the Rotary switch sort of looks like a trim potentiometer, I thought, why not add oner? The idea behind this circuit is if R1 is 1/2 the maximum resistance value of the sensor and the pot is the same as the resistance value of the sensor …

Eagle 30/30 No. 6 – One Simple Switch Please and Same Schematic, Same Parts, 5 Boards

by Carlyn Maw on June 6, 2011, no comments

So switches, they’re easy. Two leads, and a pull up/down resistor depending. My requirements for this little board is that it be flexible as to what kind of data I’m going to feed a micro-controller (i.e. is actuated 5V or 0V) and that it make an …

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