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Free Arduino Class at Intel Experience Store Tonight

by Carlyn Maw on December 12, 2013, no comments

Arduino Stoplight

Arduino Stoplight

So at the Intel Experience Store they’ve decided to do some more technical programming in the evening for Computer Science Education Week.  Tonight I’m on the docket with a free Arduino class. I’ll be preambling a little with a “What’s a Hackerspace,” but largely I’ll be walking through the Intro to Arduino Class I’ve done at CRASH Space before. Here is the blurb:

Learn about Makerspaces and How to Use an Arduino Board.
December 12th, 6pm to 8pm, 1421 Abbot Kinney Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90291

Makerspaces and Hackerspaces are community spaces where curious people go to learn, share tools and socialize. There are more and more popping up around Los Angeles. As a way to share what they are about Carlyn Maw of CRASH Space will be teaching an Introduction to Arduino class at the Intel Experience Store, Thursday December 12th from 6 pm to 8 pm.

An Arduino Board is a simplified way to create interactive devices that fit your own needs. The Arduino community has lowered the bar for getting in started in microcontrollers. No more fancy software and equipment, just a USB cable and a free download. They are used in everything from cat toys to 3D printers to Unmanned Airborne Vehicles.

This class will get you exposed to electronics and programming and how they work together. Attendees will follow a complete project, start to finish. At the end of it folks will know how to navigate the sometimes confusing Arduino hardware landscape, essential information about common components used in electronics, and more. No previous experience required.

The class is being taught by Carlyn Maw, a founder and early President of CRASH Space. She has taught Arduino classes in university and corporate settings, as well for various arts & technical organizations around L.A.